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Kozzmozz on tour - Ampere (Antwerp)

Kozzmozz on tour - Ampere (Antwerp) - Sat 09-09-17, Ampere Club

Kozzmozz - Main Room

We Play House - VØLT

General Info


It is time to spread our lunar wings to discover new electromagnetic  horizons. We endeavor to reach out for strange new worlds and other foreign star systems, to grasp the unknown and to learn the darkest secrets the Universe holds back.

First stop on our excursion: AMPERE.

We’ll debark and set up camp at this planetary neighbour, which is located near a familiar extra galactical nebula, about some 5 billion light-years away from Planet K. Ampere is a pulsating interstellar metropole that attracts many voyagers traveling the cosmic sphere. Its size, mass, ecosystem and lifeforms are quite comparable to ours, and appears to have been formed at about the same time as our beloved Planet K. We’ll provide exclusively otherworldly techno. Expect shimmering soundwaves that are both dark and nuclear, raw and thriving.

Ampere has recently collided with another asteroid called VØLT, that triggered a rich exchange with another traveling enterprise called 'We Play House'. Their civilization is in a stunningly high stadium. On the day we arrive, We Play House will celebrate their 10 years existence.   


Ampere Club

Simonsstraat 21
2018 Antwerpen