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Marcel Fengler

References: Imf, Mote evolver. GER

Marcel Fengler

Bringing together both his melodic groove, beat tracks and straighter cuts, Marcel Fengler founded his own imprint ‘Marcel Fengler Index’ (IMF) in 2011 – a platform that not only continues evolving his timeless techno approach but represents a creative center introducing new and young talents. As a DJ and producer, Marcel Fengler stands for imposing surprises and the appeal of variety. For him, techno is both unconditional passion as well as an essential part of his identity. He’s not bound to a linear or one-dimensional sound, instead, he’s constantly seeking for new ways to express his emotional storytelling skills. Marcel Fengler is withouta doubt one of today’s most exciting electronic artists, and we’re very honourd to welcome him again to our Kozzmozz-stage.