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NOVA - Sun 31-12-17, Eskimofabriek

Hydrogen Room

Carbon Room

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Nova does not only mean ‘new’ in Latin, it is also the name for a double star which - all of a sudden – will shine more brightly before returning to its orginal brightness months or years later … The double star consists of a white dwarf star and a red giant. When both have a strong magnetic field, the pressure and temperature get so high that a huge, explosive thermonucleair chain reaction takes place …  

Let’s brace ourselves for this huge explosion on New Year’s Eve as Kozzmozz and Moonday take us on a trip to NOVA! Prepare for a drift in an unknown universe, towards a new year. These two spaceships will make an exceptional night of that special transition to the year 2018.

Kozzmozz and Moonday will touch down at the Eskimofabriek with 2 blinding rooms full of techno luminaries. Big international stars are joined by Belgium’s finest to deliver the soundtrack and atmosphere that will take you to the highest realms of techno’s outer space galaxies.



Wiedauwkaai 25
9000 Ghent