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Kozzmozz on tour: Ohm - Kortrijk

Kozzmozz on tour: Ohm - Kortrijk - Sat 10-02-18, De Kreun

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Rumors have been spreading throughout the universe many light years ago. In a dark corner of the hemisphere, an ancient civilization had withstood the test of time and the many revolutions that have happened over time ever since. Countless excursions have taken place and many have tried to invade or influence the inhabiting creatures. Yet nothing seems to have an impact on what is called “The Resistance”. 

We, inhabitants of Planet K, have been lucky enough to be welcomed to their planet. A collision of which the results will yield a more than interesting outcome as we seem to share quite a few common grounds.

Through sonic movement, we’ll align both planets as we partake in a remarkable dance.


De Kreun

Conservatoriumplein 1
8500 Kortrijk