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Kozzmozz @ Tomorrowland 2009

Kozzmozz @ Tomorrowland 2009 - Sat 25-07-09, Tomorrowland

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Kozzmozz is very proud to announce that it will be part of Belgium’s most spectacular and magical outdoor dance-festival : Tomorrowland, for the fifth time ! And this time, we truly present you a legendary line-up. It will be the first time ever that the three Godfathers of techno will be performing on one line-up in Belgium!

On Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 26th of July Tomorrowland celebrates its 5th anniversary and they will dig even deeper in their imagination and organization then before to exceed the expectations of the party-people once again. After the enormous success of last year with 50.000 dance lovers, the whole Tomorrowland festival site will be open for 2 days, which means that from now there will be as many stages and artists on the 2 days.


Even though Tomorrowland already has the reputation of ‘the most beautiful festival of the summer’, they are taking everything up another step … both musically as organizationally … The - bigger than ever - line-up gives us the best dance music in the world. And with dance music they mean it in the broadest sense of its meaning. It goes from electro to trance, from progressive to hardstyle, from club to drum ‘n’ bass, from minimal to eclectic, from techno to 90’s... no less than 20 stages scattered over 2 days !



One of the big assets of Tomorrowland is their ability to transform the recreational area, De Schorre, into a surrealistic and never-seen-before fairyland. The amazing decoration, the breathtaking laser shows, the surprising acts, the cosy cocktail bars, the beaches and swimming pools, the fireworks, the small bridges and off course the great and unforgettable atmosphere make Tomorrowland unique!



And also the line-up on the Kozzmozz stage is quite unique: Kozzmozz features all the Detroit pioneers on one stage, all day long and this for the first time ever in Belgium. We can promise you… the Kozzmozz stage will be bouncing as usual! And there’s more good news, the Kozzmozz tent will no longer be the chill-out for the hard-dance stage as we’re moving to another location just like we’re moving from Sunday to Saturday so you’ve all got an extra day to recover!






A lot of big names have passed the revue on Kozzmozz over the past 14 years and when we say big names, we mean artists that are big values in the techno-scene like Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Joey Beltram, Speedy J and many more. But also those who are innovating and influenced the more underground techno-scene like Johannes Heil, Inigo Kennedy, Marcel Dettmann, Oscar Mulero, 2000andOne, Shinedoe and again many more. And now, after all this time, we bring you all the originators of the techno-scene and then we obviously mean the Detroit pioneers!



Yes, the Belleville Three will all be present in the K-tent on Tomorrowland… Together they created and invented techno music as we know it and from which all other electronic genres developed …



The first one of this trio is Kevin Saunderson. With hits like ‘Big Fun’, ‘Good life’ and ‘Rock to the Beat’, he made international fame. He elevated the deep sounds of Detroit techno and took them from the underground into the hearts and souls of music lovers all over the world. He also produced under lots of pseudonyms of which Inner City and The Reese Project are some of the best known. And now his legendary KMS label has joined forces with Fabric to bring us: History Elevate, a brand new compilation featuring a heavyweight of his classics, remixed by some of techno’s current foremost innovators to celebrate his 20 years in music.



Our second founding father of Detroit techno is Derrick May. His records ‘Nude Photo’ and ‘The dance’, as ‘Rhythim to Rhythim’ and on his own Transmat label, started the techno revolution world-wide. May followed it with ‘Strings of Life’, his ultimate masterpiece and moved in the same direction with works like the evocative ‘Icon’ and the transcendent ‘Kaotic Harmony’. All these classics were re-released by Sony on Innovator, a comprehensive retrospective of all May’s work for Transmat. His latest work ‘Mysterious Traveller’ contains the tracks he made with System7 and his Transmat label is now home to a ‘third wave’ of techno producers as Aril Brikha, Microworld and Indio.



And to complete the ultimate techno trio we’ve also invited Juan Atkins. His first track ‘Clear’ as Cybotron was often considered as the first proto-techno track. With his alias Model 500 he laid the blueprint for Detroit techno. Atkins continued as one of the most prolific and sought producers of electronic music throughout the 90ies with releases and albums for R&S and his own Metroplex Records. Since then Juan Atkins’ music and dj-ing is deified in Europe and embraced all over the world. In 2005 Tresor released the compilation: 20 Years of Metroplex: 1985 – 2005.



Rolando began his career as one of the Underground Resistance-crew. He was also one of the founders of the ‘Los Hermanos’ label, where he continued on the themes and tones of his first release ‘Knight of The Jaguar’. This fantastic and timeless ‘Jaguar’ track crossed over to all dance genres and was played by dj’s from lots of different scenes, making it as a world-wide hit. Rolando has now also gone solo, as a dj. and producer. His dj-skills can be heard on the NRK compilation: Nite:Life016, his current productions on his new label Crossroads.



Stacey Pullen is an innovator from the Second Wave of Detroit techno, he grew up under the mentorship of Detroit’s legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. But especially Derrick May for whom he made his first releases on Fragile, an experimental sub-label from Transmat. Belgian R&S picked up Stacey’s first album ‘The Silent Phase’. He then created ‘The Kosmik Messenger’ moniker under which he produced for Mr. C’s Plink Plonk and the Belgian Elypsia label. Later on Stacey started his own Black Flag label, which was dormant for a while but he can expect a lot of unreleased material from Stacey on it soon !



Kenny Larkin set his career off with his first singles ‘We Shall Overcome’ and ‘Integration’ that were issued on Plus8, a label overseen by Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva in the early 90’ies. With his first full-length album ‘Azimuth’ on Warp Records Kenny Larkin established himself as one of the major forces in the contemporary dance music. He went on to produce for other important labels as Peacefrog, R&S and KMS. More recently he released his Dark Comedy album on Rush Hour and ‘Keys, Strings, Tambourines’ on Carl Craig’s Planet E.



Aril Brikha is a producer from Stockholm but his sound has always been clearly Detroit techno ( although he didn’t even know that when he started). His first EP ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ as well as his second album ‘Departure In Time’ were released by Derrick May on Transmat, making him one of the artists of the ‘third wave’. His live sets are highly appreciated, all the way from DEMF in Detroit to Fabric in London, playing his take on Detroit-techno, adding his special soul and funk touch to it. He can also be found on labels such as Music Man, Kompakt and Poker Flat. His latest album came out on Peacefrog.



The Detroit posse will be joined by Spacid, he has been around the Belgian scene almost as long as the guests in Detroit and assists in the programming of the Kozzmozz line-ups, next to being resident of Kozzmozz’ Retro Acid and Ultra parties. For this occasion, he will bring his selection of Detroit sounds.



And off course, also our resident will be present: Kr!z who – with his unbelievable technique and knowledge of the K-sound – will make the crowd go crazy as usual ! He has been spreading his techno sound all over the world with his Token Records label and Token label nights as far as Shangaï.




De Schorre, Schommelei
2850 Boom, Belgium

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