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Kozzmozz @ Tomorrowland 2019

Kozzmozz @ Tomorrowland 2019 - Fri 19-07-19, Tomorrowland

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On Friday, the 19th of July, the Kozzmozz spaceship will descend on the Land of Tomorrow. As always, we invited a bold selection of techno figures and Kozzmozz favorites who will make you dance ‘till dark.

We will land here for the 16th time in the history of galaxy, but it never gets old and we are again very honoured to be a part of this magical festival.

We are thrilled to invite you to our one and only Kozzmozz-stage. So be curious and take a look at our line-up!

Put on your space suit and hopefully we meet in front of our spaceship at the greatest fairyland of them all.



De Schorre, Schommelei
2850 Boom, Belgium