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Kozzmozz - Sat 20-09-08, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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After the summer, we have a traditional Kozzmozz party at Vooruit and so again this year. No huge head-liner this time but two of our old time favorites and one who’s been on our wish-list for a long time ! And all three guests have been living and breathing techno since the very early days …

Cisco or The Advent started producing Techno and performing live Techno shows years before the rest of the world had even heard of the genre. He released his first track in 1988, was a pioneer of the Live PA (or Live Public Address – performing Techno live in front of an audience using electronic music gear), and, if all that wasn’t enough, he even worked as the sound engineer on some of Derrick May’s, Adonis & Fingers Inc’s recording sessions!

To some he is the champion of the underground. Others see him for the first time and ask the person dancing like crazy next to them, "Where did THIS guy come from?" Think of Detroit Techno and DJ Bone might not be high on your list of luminaries because he is 100% independent and does things on his terms and on his terms only. He won’t tap dance or bend to fit the ‘popular’ dj mold. Those who recognize Bone know him for his uncompromising and innovative ways and incredible technical wizardry.

And also Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He is the owner of the innovative and genre defying label Asymmetric. He has also been responsible for a large and diverse back catalogue of releases on a wide variety of labels and projects around the World. His discography stretches to almost 100 releases on vinyl, CD and as MP3.

Our resident Kr!z is one of those few dj’s who possesses the gift to play great records and have an astonishing mixing technique. Kr!z also runs his own label Token records, with releases from Inigo Kennedy, Sub Space (aka Julien and Gonzague), Radial and more recently Dimitri Andreas and Shape.

Deg has been one of Fuse clubs longest running residents ( for over 10 years) and is one of those Belgian dj’s that stood at the forefront of techno since day one and still knows how to capture a great vibe today.


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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