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Kozzmozz - Sat 19-12-09, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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Off all the Detroit artists who came to visit us on the Tomorrowland festival, Derrick May definitely stood out: the energy, the soul, the vibe, the music, … He spoke to our bodies and minds and left a remarkable impression. So we decided to invite him again, this time to our home-base, the Vooruit venue in Ghent.

More so because next to the emotionally unrestrained, sexy, electronic funk he puts in his dj-sets, he has also just re-launched his legendary Transmat label. The label carved out a new vein in dance music and synthesized the advances of the electro movement with the more challenging end of the house movement – a new form of music that defined "Techno". Early cuts such as “Nude Photo” (co-written with Thomas Barnett) and “The Dance”, both on Transmat, were inspirational to many. However, it was the release of “Strings Of Life” in 1987 (co-written with Michael James) with its wide appeal to the house music fans of the 80’s & 90’s, which simultaneously brought May his deserved acclaim and Detroit techno to European club-goers.

And now, after many years of touring the world, meeting new people and talking to journalists, the hunger to bring new music to the world has become so strong that it could no longer be denied. So Derrick is bringing us once again: Transmat! A first release by Greg Gow : The Pilgrimage EP is now available and more will follow. Derrick and the original label manager from Transmat will be looking at the unsung heroes from Detroit and surroundings for their output and we can also expect new releases from Derrick himself. Well, they might not be new but they will be tracks we’ve never heard before. Derrick will start where he left off and await the reactions from the public to use those as an inspiration to take things further. So lots of exciting music is coming our way, come and check out a preview on Kozzmozz.

Not many Dutch artists can count Jeff Mills and Dave Clarke amongst their greatest fans. Maybe it’s because even in techno’s darkest hour, Counterpart has stayed true to its original roots. In a time when most producers are swiftly moving to digital production, Jeroen Search and Dimi Angélis stuck to techno’s traditional machinery, creating music that has a certain timeless quality to it you don’t find around that much anymore. Counterpart is also one of the very few live-acts that still go through the hassle of bringing all their hardware on stage, making each and every performance into a and powerful and memorable experience.

Spacid, who we already know well from his great sets at Ultra and retro Acid, will make his debut in the main room of Kozzmozz. With 20 years of experience in electronic music, we can expect a deep techno set that will blow the roof off.

Resident Kr!z is going stronger and stronger with his label Token Records. Kr!z has taken Token on the road with label nights in Shangai, London, Berlin, Rotterdam, … He has released 11 records in less then two years from artists such as Inigo Kennedy, Phase, Radial, Dimitri Andreas, Oscar Mulero and more. As usual he will close the night off with a bang!


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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