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More than a decade in music, out of these – 7 years writing and producing Electronic music. Straight from the capital, Jerusalem (Israel), this is Uriel.

Producer and DJ, Uriel Yehezkel, started out big. His first single - ‘White weed’, was critically acclaimed after being played by Armin Van-Buuren on his popular radio program ‘A state of trance’ (2003). Later on, his hard work was recognized by Marcus Shultz, who played the single ‘Horizon’ on his radio program ‘Global DJ Broadcast’ from Ibiza. The last single to be played in a DJ radio program was Uriel’s crazy break beat piece – ‘Fieldox’, played by Mat Darey on ‘Nocturnal’.

Up until now, Uriel released 10 singles in major record labels around the world including Bonzai, Morphosis, Baroque Records and AD Music. As a producer/DJ Uriel is characterized with a unique style of progressive and electro house, played live, with emphasis on deep and emotional melodies together with special beats, vibes and energy. In his unusual live performances, Uriel brings his whole studio workspace with him – Guitars, Synths and drum set, all to create an electric one man show.

As producer, Uriel has turned to other genres, writing and producing the world music record – ‘Culture Shift’ (Released - fall 2009). The album combines live instrument recordings (Persian violin, Nay flute, Darbuka, Vocal textures with bass, acoustic and electric guitars), along with electronic and synth created sounds. The record in its whole is influenced by genres such as Jazz Fusion, Electronic Rock, Movie soundtracks, Arab and Ethnic music, and Uriel travels through them and mixes them up all through the cultural journey.

Uriel’s success, along with the album’s, has long left the boundaries of Israel - being nominated for three categories (album of the year, artist and new discovered artist), in the ‘Schallwall Music Awards’(Gernamy) – Summer 2009.

Also released in the summer of 2009, was a remix for the famed Airwave single ‘Urban Touareg’.

Look out for fresh releases and a new live show that are already on their way, as well as a few surprises you’ll have no choice but to run into soon.