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For a long time, Slovenia has been known for its great electronic parties, but as the local scene is of boutique dimensions, everyone who wishes to take the art of mixing and producing to a professional level, has to go out there and enter the worldwide scene. UMEK has done this step as early as in the middle of the 90s and so he became one of the most important techno players of the global techno scene, even before the end of the last millennium. Together with people, who shared the same views, he successfully captured the first era of researching and recreating the rules of the dance music in Recycled Loops, Consumer Recreation and Astrodisco platforms, which all put the sound of the Slovenian techno on the world map of electronic music.

In the beginning of the year 2007, UMEK started a new 1605 Music Therapy - Sixteenofive, with which he marked the beginning of the second era of his music creation and what an era it is! After 4 years the label is tagged as a great success and is one of the world’s fastest growing techno labels, which spawns releases and new talents almost every week.

Year 2011 started for UMEK as none before! First, and interesting documentary, named “Techno heavy-weights UMEK & Carl Cox in back to back interview” was released and was aplauded by UMEK's audience and shared tremendously over the internet and social networks. In February, UMEK was again nominated on the Beatport Music Awards, this time as a best artist overall, along with the likes of David Guetta, Deadmau5, Mark Knight. He won by staff pick and is 2011’s Beatport’s Best artist.

Numerous UMEK’s releases and remixes alerady pounding the Beatport Techno and Tech House Chart (on 1605 and other world-renowned labels), and the crown jewel of 2011 – already favourite among the millions of listeners across the globe – his own radio show, wittily titled “Behind The Iron Curtain”, featuring upcoming talents, legendary tracks from the past, best on [1605] and more. All these facts, along with the vast number of tour dates are the best proof that UMEK stays focused on his primary goal – making and selecting high quality productions that stand out from the rest and bringing his sound closer to people all around the world.