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Traversable Wormhole

References: CLR, Traversable Wormhole Rec, Berlin

Traversable Wormhole
In 2009 a series of five anonymously produced ink stamped vinyl recorded releases appeared in the global techno scene under the mysterious guise “Traversable Wormhole”. The series released exclusively on vinyl. The sound of “Traversable Wormhole is a unique signature of sci-fi laden techno music with gaps of time, space & bass in between sound & rhythm. Within a month’s time of it’s conception Volume 2 of the series appeared and a huge buzz was soon amassed on the project. Accusations on who was the artist behind the project ran wild. People all over the techno scene had made theories to who was behind it. The project quickly received huge support from many of the world’s most renowned techno shops such as Rub A Dub , Hardwax, Juno & Decks. Word traveled fast through the wormhole and it was soon reported that globally respected dj’s such as Chris Liebing, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Mathew Herbert, Ryan Elliot, Andrew Galluzi, Surgeon, Function, Frankie Bones, Surgeon, DJ Deep & Radioslave were all supporting the sound of TW. With the series fast approaching into further galaxies with the appearance of Vol 3. Techno cult blogsite MNMLSSG tracked down TW via Twitter. A sonar ping was sent back to the popular blog and soon a “Traversable Wormhole” mix appeared anonymously on the site, receiving rave reviews. There were also reports through the anonymous “Traversable Wormhole” Myspace profile† that dj’s from the dubstep scene were supporting the songs that had more of a broken beat structure in the series. As the series transgressed to Vol. 5 by the year end of 2009 the mystique of anonymity continued to grow.

To usher in the very start of 2010 “Traversable Wormhole” would release the sixth volume of the series. At the same time 20 year veteran techno artist/dj Adam X originally from NYC and now residing in Berlin would be invited to partake in a feature called “Playing Favorites” on “Resident Advisor” the world’s biggest electronic music website. As Adam’s feature read towards the end he would subtly take claim as the producer behind “Traversable Wormhole”.

While traversing the wormhole, Adam has crossed paths with Chris Liebing and his CLR imprint. During the summer of 2010 CLR released “Traversable Wormhole” Vol. 1-5 in digital format for the first time ever with all five volumes being digitally remastered in the highest of quality. “Traversable Wormhole” has found itself remixed from some of the best in the scene. Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Sleeparchive, Function, Chris Liebing, James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen, Terence Fixmer, Kevin Gorman, Tommy Four Seven & Brian Sanhaji have all taken a turn in remixing TW. The remix project will see release on both vinyl and digital format.

In support of the CLR releases “Traversable Wormhole” traversed the world with a live show tour during all of 2011 and now it’s time to get back in the studio … but not before playing Kozzmozz off course.