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Tom Parris

Tom Parris

Tom Parris began DJ'ing in London in the late eighties. He became known through his pirate radio show on Climax FM, and quickly earned residencies at some of the capitals hottest 'Pay-Parties'. His international career developed in the early nineties with performances around Europe which eventually lead Tom to base himself in France. From there his production work exploded with over
eighty releases on some of the Worlds biggest labels - The End Recordings,
Plink Plonk, Oblong Records, Red Ant, Soco Audio, Matter Form, Cubic, Sony
France ....etc

There are today few countries where the name 'Tom Parris' is unknown. From The Tresor Club in Berlin to Space in Ibiza, and from New York to Tokyo. There are even fewer record boxes that haven't contained a 'Tom Parris' track at some
point, with DJ's like Mr.C, Bushwacka, Colin dale, Trevor Rockcliffe, Steve
Lawler, Carl Cox & Pete Tong spinning his tunes and lending their support.