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Steve Bicknell

Steve Bicknell
Steve become synonymous with the sound of the seminal Lost events and the electronic dance music that it has pioneered and championed. Revered globally as one of the world's most consistent, forward-thinking and innovative nights, putting quality before quantity and innovation before imitation, Lost has defined and motivated a new generation of clubbers, dj's, artists and producers.As the main curator of LOST events, such was Steve's vision that he was first to book latterday luminaries such as Jeff Mills, Basic Channel,DJ Rolando, DJ Rush, Fumiya Tanaka, Richie Hawtin, Dan Bell, Suburban Knight, DJ Funk, Robert Hood and a host of global visionaries at LOST for their first UK outing, and for many, their first foray outside of the U.S. Uncompromising, expressive and unique, this is Steve Bicknells artistic dancefloor viewpoint.

But Lost wasn't where it started for Steve, a veteran dj of the early UK dance scene he had the good fortune to participate in many events that have gone down in the history of UK club culture. Such was his early success playing his first ever set at the groundbreaking Energy parties,completing the ID Mag. World Tour in 1990 alongside a host of residencies, (swiftly followed by his first release on Paul Oakenfolds's Perfecto label), many expected him to follow a more commercial route. Indeed the door was open, but eshewing the mainstream he chose to focus on an alternative electronic sound from which his commitment hasn't wavered. A truly international DJ, Steve Bicknell has travelled the world with his unique representation playing across Europe, Japan, Australia and North America at the most respected clubs, parties and events. (Ostgut, Tresor, The Rex, Liquid Rooms, Rockets, Precious Hall, Sonar Festival, Zouk, Tribal Gathering, The End, Bugged Out; Slam, Pure, La Real, Octopus, Family Club, name but a few.

Not known for a high falutin' personal attitude Steve prefers to express himself through his musical attitude, diggin' deep to create his own soundscapes and challenge peoples preconceptions. Lost has continued to evolve and allows him to experiment by creating alternative nights in order to vary his sets. Steve and partner Sheree Rashit have also produced Burundi (underlying tribal rhythms) and Chiarascuro (experimental) nights recognised globally through Steve's releases and djing. Although known for minimal techno there is? a deep affinity to all forms of experimental music. Apart from hard hitting techno or Chicago style acid house sets Steve is also responsible for the intimate 'Spacebase' parties which are held intermittently around London and allow him to produce sets featuring warehouse, disco, house, techno, electro, 'a little of what he fancies'. On the production side. Having first released under the guise of 'Lost' on Perfecto and Mute in the early nineties, Steve Bicknell's sound took a huge step forward in 1993 with the release of three limited edition EP's on his and Sheree Rashit's Cosmic Records.

Now with a considerable catalogue of Steve's own work on the label and various sub-divisions Cosmic stands at the forefront of global electronic music. Other labels within the Cosmic family include Clubtracks,featuring Steve's housier S.B.Projects and eps from Chicago producers such as DJ Funk, DJ Rush etc; Lost Recordings, music produced to reflect the LOST dancefloor and ID(entity); work by prominent producers with a close affinity to the Cosmic/Lost sound, produced under alternative guises. Cosmic offers a new perspective and feel that represents a unique UK perspective that spans elements of African tribalism, layered sonics and altered abstraction with points of reference in Detroit, Chicago, Europe and beyond. Lost Recordings is an all encompassing wall of sound driven by bass, rhythm and passion. From musique concrete and batacuda to Kraftwerk and James Brown, Lost Recordings is the spirit of where art and dance meet on level terms. Steve has also contributed remixes and productions to a myriad of labels (Luke Slater, Joey Beltram, DJ Rush, the Advent + more) Steve Bicknell has also produced soundtracks for arts council theatre projects and productions. There are few who have continued to push the boundaries of music, promotion and helped shape a scene.