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References: Music man, Delsin rec, NL


Quince is the new talented Dutch one. Only 25 years old, the ExtremaMusic artist impressed the techno scene with his Delsin debut EP 'No More Drama' which resulted in more than just positive feedback from Laurent Garnier, Rolando, Josh Wink, Funk D'Void and many others.

The following release ‘Americana’ is the first edition of the Delsin Special Project series. After being released as one sided limited release Americana immediately became a bestseller. Reactions are lyrical from the side of his colleagues and say more than anything we could come up to: "Absolutely stunning! Great summer record” - Laurent Garnier ; "That's a wonderful record. I played it out a lot! 10 out of 10 for this Los Hermanos styled track!" - Âme

Just a bit later some Quince productions appear on Josh Wink’s and Rolando’s latest mix cd’s. Besides that the releases pushed him into the spotlights to do remixes for producers like Aardvarck and the debuting Melon.

Quince’ s sound is highly influenced by Detroit artists like Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, Moodymann and in other ways by artists such as Tony Allen and J Dilla. His live sets are interlarded by melodic house and more darker techno. The wide range of tracks from the hands of Quince give him the opportunity to play diverse styles of music during his live sets, resulting in different shows every time. Quince’s dj sets are inspired by the Detroit sound as well: from house to techno, always with a taste of soul and funk.

And now the Quince album is with us,, the full-length debut for the impeccable Delsin imprint. Classic Motor-City techno is the order of the day here, an agenda that's perfectly pinned down by the immensely beautiful opener "Lost Track", an extended intro that sits somewhere between the synth-heavy loveliness of vintage Carl Craig and the layered scores of John Beltran at his best. "Steady Freddy" is up next and heads down a more padded techno avenue, the synths and downcast percussion sticking to the Detroit templates but without ever sounding derivative. "Go Bang" is primed for peak-time action, a square bassline underpinning punchy drums and gated stabs, those Carl Craig comparisons once again coming to the fore, with 69's immense "My Machines" fast coming to mind. The album ends with "Vitjazzdepth", a reflective end-of-night descent into the sublime that employs a bassline so warm it sounds like Mr Fingers re-imagined for the 21st century. Quite a compliment - quite an album ! Big recommendation. ( )

Releases on Delsin, Ovum and other fine labels are on its way. Mark our words: here's a new kid on the block!

And also Music Man is proud to present its first Quince release. 'The Summit' is a real dance-floor bomb that will work well in your peak-time techno work-out, whereas 'Sofar' will fit perfectly any deep warm-up set. Out: September 24th. The Dutch techno virus is spreading, get infected!!!