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References: Coincidence Rec, Tomorrowland


PsyTox (aka Norman Bates) has been dj'ing since 1989 on parties throughout Belgium and the neighbouring countries. Rather than being pigeonholed into one style of music, he mixes very eclectic sets, including elements of acid, house, techno, deephouse, minimal, breakz, d'n'b,... . It has brought him to a wide variety of venues in different scenes such as Thriller, Fuse, Decadance, Kozzmozz, Retro Acid, I Love Techno, ...

He also founded Coincidence Records with Edward Molton and produces on the same label (infamously giving his tracks ridiculously long titles), and also is active as a promotor (Coincidence Label night, Summer Session). The label is going from such strength to strength that it was given its own stage on this summer’s Tomorrowland. Coincidence Records brings quality techno and house music from known and unknown artists, both on vinyl and digital formats and has already 36 releases to its name of which several by Psytox himself.