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Metro unit

References: Trish van Eynde vs Sam Ostyn, Fuse, BXL

Metro unit

Ever since the pair's formation in early 2000, Sam Ostyn & Trish Van Eynde constantly have been pushing the envelope combining intricate rhythms and multi-textured galactical soundwaves. Their newest manifest, the new Metro Unit project, is the next level in the duo's everlasting search for the expression of their unique futuristic values and the culmination of almost a decade of electronic articulation.

Born in a family with a musical history it's no surprise that Trish Van Eynde, by the age of 11 already knew that she had a tremendous affinity for synthetic sounds and was already dreaming of her first synth. After buying records for some time, playing them was only a natural evolution and so her dj-career had begun. Her rise began when a friend of hers introduced her to Peter Decuypere, who swiftly made her resident at the Fuse club. It wouldn't take long before she started to work for Buzz Records, known as one of the first "Detroit orientated labels" in Belgium. A year later, she decided to broaden her horizon and started to work as A & R manager for R&S Records while at the same time running her own label "Generations". Soon a second residency at the acclaimed Food club, was added to her activities. She became widely regarded as the Belgian Leading lady of Techno.

Sam Ostyn's musical career is a symbiotic combination of producing and DJ'ing. His love for music was passed on to him by his father who owned an eclectic vinyl collection, including many Motown - Stax and Atlantic records. By 1995 it was time to start his soul search for early electronic Detroit releases and contemporary electronic music. This lead to several dj-gigs in the Belgian nightlife alongside international dj's and live acts such as Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Aardvarck, Deetron, Mark Broom, Monika Kruse and many more. Having bought his first synth in 1996, he developed 'The Electric Institute' into one of Belgium's finest personal recording studios where he would experiment and start working on his own productions.

Having the same musical heroes inspired the duo to team up around the turn of the millennium and they have been working together ever since. Their unique view on Detroit-inspired electronic music was at the essence of their first contributions to the "Chrome Resident Eps" and certainly on their debut 12" "Open Window EP" on MB Elektronics. The marvels of these works did not go unnoticed as it attracted attention from the likes of Derrick May, Carl Craig and Ken Ishii to name a few. An exclusive internet remix of Laurent Garnier's "Controlling the House" and an appearance on Ken Ishii's "Sunriser" and "Play, Pause and Play" reflected their love for motor city foundations and their alliance with Amil Khan & Charles Siegling for their Hong Kong based Technorient imprint promised to be the beginning of a long musical journey.

Besides having released several 12"s on a wide variety of acclaimed record labels, being featured on compilations all the way to the Far East and having remixed various electronic works, they are currently hosting the monthly 'Electric Room' parties at legendary Fuse Club, running their Electric Art Recordings label and constantly redefining boundaries in their unfeigned recording endeavors. Combining futuristic viewpoints and intergalactic sounds while at the very same moment heightening the very definition of motor city electronica, Metro Unit is all about electrifying post millennium spirits into a universal mindframe.