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Level Jay

Level Jay

From club to cafe to concert hall to festival Leveljay has 14 years of experience in the international DJ scene.

Through the years he has developed an unique style grabbing the best elements from the electro-house, minimal, acid house, ...Without a doubt Leveljay guarantees a floor filling dance experience. After a 4 year residency in the infamous Katsu club he moved on becoming a part of the touch parties, an organization that for more than 5 years ran legendary underground parties in place like Cafe d'anvers, Fuse, Rock Herk, Muziekodroom, The Zoo and club 9. Leveljay has filled the dance floors of many of the best parties and clubs like Kozzmozz, Pukkelpop, Culture Club, Enterrock, Decadance, City Parade, ...

He is welcomed by the clubs and the fans alike internationally in Amsterdam, Paris, Luxembourg, Warsaw, Maastricht, Poznan, Kohln, Rotterdam, … He has also taken part in many large concept parties such as Mr C's "Superfreak" Tour (Café D'Anvers – Antwerp), "Muzzic" (Vooruit – Gent), Kozzmozz (Flanders Expo – Gent), "Bat Beats" (Fuse –BXL), "Vonk" (Amsterdam), "City Parade" (Gent/Liege), "Robodisco" (Follies – Paris), "Advanced" (020 –Amsterdam), Amsterdam Dance Event (Amsterdam), ...

Sonic Tonic, Leveljay's own record label, is growing to include a collective of DJ's and producers who will gather forces to provide rolling beats and cutting edge music for the dance floors