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Frequency 7

Frequency 7

Not content to wallow in mainstream mediocrity, Frequency 7 rises above the unexceptional, hell-bent on creating a new sound. Since 2004, Frequency 7 has captivated audiences from coast to coast by creating explosive music reeling of energy, passion and focused creativity. They seamlessly blend their take on hip-hop, rock, funk and reggae, spinning it into a style unmistakably theirs with universal appeal. The ensuing sound is much too dimensional and complex to be shelved alongside the monotony associated with most of today’s music.

Five intensely dedicated musicians/performers compose the heart and soul of Frequency 7. Collectively, these individuals eradicate present-day boilerplate expectations of music with hard-hitting lyrics, addictive melodies and genuine talent. Frontman Wize Hassan is a master of ceremony who writes songs straight from the heart bringing that old school flavor back from the 80's and 90's. When you hear this immensely talented band wax their version of poetic on the sometimes gritty existence of life, you believe that they have been there; the stories embedded in the lyrics come from an authentic place.

Throughout the past few years, Frequency 7 has rocked devoted audiences in the Boston area as well as played to sold-out crowds across the country. Three of their more significant performances to-date includes playing at New York City’s legendary lounge CBGB, which has fathered genre-defining acts such as The Ramones and Blondie, The Middle East in Cambridge, MA where they opened up for Ras Kass, as well as Cane’s in beachfront San Diego. The show in San Diego was especially monumental because Frequency 7 played to a sold-out show primarily there to see them, as they opened for hip-hop greats De La Soul and Krs-One.


Then in 2008 after growing diffrences in musical directions and commitment, a new line up has been formed. Only the original 2 members (Vanny and 2Hats)out of the 8 man group decided to reform. Teaming back up with the original MC Wize Hassan, bassist Hugh "Smooth" and drummer Matt, they are revamping old classic songs and creating new material. The new line - up is a true collaborative effort with positive energy and limitless potential. The sound is more mature, tight and has solid roots in funk and groove. Their shows are a non - stop party from beginning to end.