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Franco Cangelli

References: Mowar, Persistencebit, 7th Sign Rec, Ghent

Franco Cangelli

Mowar frontman and eternal philosopher Franco Cangelli pretty much got absorbed by electronic music ever since his early teens when it was all about popping and breakdancing. During the late 80’s house and techno emerged and ravaged his mind. Franco experienced the whole evolution from the early acid house days, the Belgian new beat, the elegance of Detroit techno, the experimental sounds from the UK… This is probably why his dj-sets are never limited to the last top 10 charts. Electronic music should be a soul-searching experience, not a circus act.

Even though he caught the disease from an early age, he took to the decks and started producing rather late as studying didn’t always agree with wasting money on vinyl. After graduating in ’98, he started experimenting with a slow computer, exploring various sounds and genres for the next seven years. In 2005 he released his first record and went on to record for various labels such as Sushitech, Seventh Sign, Persistencebit, Self Defence and his own imprints the now defunct Aesthetik (co-run with Dj Akî) and his current label Mowar.

People familiar with Franco Cangelli’s production work will undoubtedly notice a strong influence from Detroit, albeit spiced with more edgy electronics and textures, exploring both melodic and stripped down techno. His Raw Emotion ep on Persistencebit is a strong example of a more melodic approach, while his recent Paper Cut ep on Mowar stands for a more dubbed out approach. A constant battle between less and more if you will… More releases are in the pipeline on new label Self Defence and of course Mowar, so watch out.

His dj-sets have the same firm open-mindedness, aimed at taking people on an emotional journey blending the dark and stripped with the deep and melancholic. Having both played at big events such as the 10 Days Off festival in Gent and smaller clubs such as the Moog in Barcelona, he developed his own unique way to convey the warmth and intensity of electronic music to the dancefloor.

Mowar & Nowar

Mowar stands for uncompromising quality deep techno. Franco started Mowar in 2008 releasing his Wee Funk ep. The label gained immediate support from people like Derrick May, Deetron, Fabrice Lig, Angel Molina, Dan Curtin and more. Mowar went on to release other producers like Lee Holman, Roberto Bosco, Aubrey and Ozka, with remixes by Russ Gabriel, Lerosa, Mike Parker, Pendle Coven, Peter Van Hoesen…

He also co-runs Nowar, the evil twin-sister of Mowar, with Dj Akî. Nowar is rather aimed at releasing quality house music for the more sophisticated dancefloors, working with producers such as The Parkwalker (aka Affie Yusuf), Hakim Murphy and Duijn & Douglas.