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Dj Daz Sound

Dj Daz Sound

It seems that DJ DAZ, the winner of "BEST UNDERGROUND DJ" at the 2006 URBAN MUSIC AWARDS, keeps going from strength to strength.

Daz started off mixing at the age of 16; during the peak of the Drum n Bass Jungle explosion, at which time, many of his after school activities took place in the basement of Central London’s BLACKMARKET RECORDS.

Along with long-time friend and fellow DJ, DJ Venom, Daz went on to play at various house parties around his area. As the word spread about his talent for mixing, he was eventually encouraged to get a DJ spot at local radio station AVENUES FM, which was a legal station commissioned with a temporary license, broadcast from the Avenues Youth Club in West London. Playing Hip Hop and R&B, it was here where he was given his first big opportunity to get the name “DJ Daz” out to the masses. Over the following few years, the house parties turned to clubs, and as his experience became more diverse so did his musical catalogue as he began to incorporate different musical genres to his range.

As well as being a 3rd year design Degree student at the London College of Printing, 2001 had really seen his rise to fame in the DJ world. A chance meeting with an old friend in January of 2001 got him a weekly residency at WKD BAR in Camden, London. He also went on to play on various radio stations such as ITCH FM, LIGHTNING FM and West London community Radio Station JUICE FM.

All of this experience landed Daz a DJ Job at the 2001 Notting Hill Carnival where he literally took the streets of West London by storm. Soon afterwards He was asked to DJ at R&B DJ Trevor Nelson’s Rhythm Nation Tour at London’s famous HAMMERSMITH PALAIS, and then at the November 2001 URBAN MUSIC SHOWCASE where he worked with BBC Radio 1’s Tim Westwood. Shortly after this, he was receiving bookings at venues right across Northern England and of course his home of London, and was recruited to both the Sony BMG and Atlantic/Warner Street Teams where he was heavily involved in artist promotion.

Daz has since gone on to gain residencies in some of the UK’s most prestigious venues and biggest club nights. In addition, he has gone on to present highly successful radio shows on both North London’s Y2K FM and WWW.INVINCIBLERADIO.COM and was the winner of “BEST UNDERGROUND DJ” at the 2006 URBAN MUSIC AWARDS. 2006 also became the year when Daz became resident DJ at “SOUL CITY”, San Antonio, Ibiza, which is the islands Number One RnB and Hip Hop Club Night, and he continues to go back there every season. He has also become a promoter in his own right, putting on events across the UK, and continuing to push his self promoted club nights to new and exciting heights.