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Damon Wild

Damon Wild

His music has a strong presence in the world's clubs for nearly 20 years. He first gained success with acid tracks and productions such as Equinox - "Pulzar", "Avion" and "Bang The Acid". Damon has since received equal acclaim through his DJ'ing, remixes and productions in minimal and electronic music.

Synewave was started in 1995 and is a platform to showcase not only his own productions, but also new and unknown talented artists. Those releasing under Synewave have included Counterpoint, (Mark Bell) Steve Stoll, Joey Beltram, Function, DJ ESP, Mundo Muzique, Echoplex , and remixes by The Advent, Rino Cerrone, Adam Beyer, Jeff Mills, and various others to date.

Besides managing Synewavel and producing in the studio , Damon spins around the globe at selected clubs and events around the globe.

Damon is now based in Warsaw, Poland.