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References: Bokal rec, BXL


Like many people of his generation Crisp aka. Kristof Pierco got inspired by the sounds of Acid House and New Beat in the late 80’s. These sounds quickly developed into the more abstract and monotone noises of techno and so the majority of the 90’s were spend partying all over Belgium at places like Fuse, Silo and so on... It was only a natural progress that he would get involved in a more active way sooner or later.

A pair of technics and a mixer were acquired, a sampler and some synths soon followed. By 2004 Crisp decided to take his skills to a live audience and within a few months he found himself playing all over the country. Gigs at Dirty Dancing, Petrol, 10 days off and Laundry Day followed merely one year after his first gig. After two years of spinning, organising parties, and hosting a radio show in his hometown Leuven, it was time for a new challenge.

Crisp got the opportunity to work in the offices of the centre of Belgian Techno, Fuse! Now that techno became his fulltime job, the idea of starting his own label became more concrete, and at the beginning of 2007 he and longtime friend Ivow, launched Bokal Records...