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References: Hinge Finger, Sheworks Rec, UK


Over the past few years few producers have caused as much commotion as Blawan. His label associations—Hessle Audio, R&S, Clone Basement Series, Hinge Finger—speaks volumes. But it's his percussion that speaks loudest. Jamie Roberts is a former drummer, and his intricately programmed tunes seem to bear out this history. Quite simply, Roberts hears things a tad differently than the rest of us. It's clearly resonating in many different quarters. Blawan is currently the number one commander of techno redefined in rough shape. His groove is always innovative and demanding, never cold or dull. The last couple of years you can find him week after week in the biggest clubs, parties and festivals around the world. A move to hardware in the studio has led to frequent collaborations with The Analogue Cops and Pariah, the latter of which he performs with as Karenn. This time he will perform solo and his relentless techno-sets are known to drive any crowd of true techno lovers absolutely wild. He will spearhead the line-up of this new Kozzmozz voyage.