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Big Hair

Big Hair

Big Hair's patent brand of tech-house funk with a twist of wry humour has won them many fans. Chris and Aaron started Big Hair in 95, and started releasing on Kontraband in 97. They swiftly received dancefloor recognition with such Tech House anthems as Dougie At the Ockie, their ‘le grande boofont’ work on Wiggle, their string of remixes including the Manor Maus mix for Terry Francis and Nathan Coles, and collaborations with Ben Chapman (for Visitor, Belgium) and Nathan Coles (for Surreal).

Big Hair's own sound - grounded in good ol' 4/4 beats - is surrounded by a palette of different influences including afro beat, tech-house, chicago house, funk, hip hop and various charity shop oddities. Their recent album 'Imagine Being Chased by a One Man Band', covers the whole spectrum over it's 12 tracks. With a conscious aim to challenge the preconception of a 'dance' album, Big Hair created a parallel world, fuelled with dancefloor dynamite - broken up with psychedelic interludes and sleazy instrumental segways. "Imagine Being Chased By A One Man Band' remains funky and entertaining to the last.

Recently, the duo have signed to u-freqs, a new label with a music policy aimed to freq out both the dance floor and the bedroom listener. Already causing quite a stir, with releases and remixes from the duo’s other, more dancefloor monikers, Le Grande boofont., and with Big Hair collaborations with Dave Coker (Pig Bwoy, Smart Alec) and Timmy S (Surreal), the future of Big Hair noises looks blissfully twisted. The first 3 releases have won many fans already including Terry Francis, Seb Fontaine, Laurent Garnier, Eddie Richards, Kenny Hawkes and Nathan Coles.

Alongside their production duties, live is where Big Hair need to be experienced. Working back to back alongside DJs, with a blend of laptops, FX, decks, sequencers, live MCs and video, the Hair have been regularly rocking The End with their bi-monthly live spots at Subterain, and with the Underground Freqs crew (Tak Records, DIY, Drop music) at a whole host of partys and club dates, including Turnmills, Jax, Nitsa, OTV, and Kozzmozz.