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Acid Kirk

Acid Kirk

Cédric kicked off his career as a DJ and techno composer / producer
under the pseudonym "Acid Kirk" in 1993. He quickly established
himself as one of the most revered figures in the Belgian scene and
his reputation soon spread beyond his home country's borders. Between
1993 and 1997 he produced over a dozen records (now widely regarded as
classics of the genre) and regularly performed at most of the major
Belgian clubs and dance events (Fuse, Rave Explosion, Cherry Moon...).
He was also frequently booked to play abroad in a number of the
world's major cities - New York, Melbourne, Paris (Rex Club), Rome,
Vienna, Berlin (Love Parade) and Amsterdam (Melkweg) - often sharing
the bill with many of the biggest international DJs, namely Jeff
Mills, Laurent Garnier, Miss Djax, Richie Hawtin, Dave Angel and Dave

In 1997, driven by his growing interest in free jazz, alternative,
psychedelic ambient and experimental music - and the avant-garde in
general - he co-founded Elf Cut records and assumed the role of art
director for the label. He also launched his new project: "The
Syncopated Elevators Legacy" (S.E.L.), with which he would go on to
explore fresh sonic horizons. Over a period of four years, Elf Cut put
out ten records (including three S.E.L. releases) and quickly came to
be known as one of the more influential labels on the avant-garde
electronic music scene. S.E.L. performed at numerous venues and
events, primarily in Belgium and France (AB, Nuits de Botanique,
Halles de Schaerbeek, Festival de Dour, Recyclart, Vooruit, Zaal
Belgie, De Singel, Batofar (FR), Festival Multimédia de Créteil (Fr),
Centre Culturel de Nantes (FR)...). S.E.L. records were
enthusiastically received by a number of prestigious artists
(Christian Fennesz, Vibracathedral Orchestra, My Cat Is An Alien) and
a few of the tracks even caught the attention of the late John Peel,
who played them on his legendary BBC radio show.

Between 2000 and 2004 Cédric composed the music for three productions
by choreographer Bud Blumenthal: "Les Entrailles de Narcisse", "Red
Cliff" and "Les Sentiers d'Ulysses". In 2003 the Flemish Community commissioned him to reinterpret a work by the contemporary music group "Hermes Ensemble", which he performed at the Theaterzaal in Vooruit, sharing the bill with pianist Kris Defoort and the Hermes
Ensemble themselves. These ventures illustrate the evolution of his approach, which has become increasingly influenced by minimalist and
contemporary music.

In addition to his work under the S.E.L. banner, Cédric formed the
"Drifting Bears Collective" in 2003. Accompanied by a guitarist, a
bassist and a drummer, he would use this new side project to develop
the more physical aspects of his music - and thus a long creative
process was set in motion, culminating in the release of the album
"South of No North" in 2007. A psychedelically noise-esque free rock
epic of sorts, this album garnered high praise from the discerning
music press, receiving glowing reviews from publications such as "Rif
Raf", "The Wire" (the ultimate international reference magazine
for the best in alternative and avant-garde sounds), "Ruis" & the webzine "Foxy Digitalis" among others. The Drifting Bears Collective is also known for its numerous concert performances, having appeared alongside eminent neo-folk entities from across both
the Channel and the Atlantic (No-Neck Blues Band, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Double Leopards,...).

Using his own name when performing in the experimental and minimalist
music domain, Cédric's appearances and involvement in this scene are
increasing. He recently participated in the "toute crauté est elle
bonne à dire" expo at the "centrale électrique", for which he
performed an audiovisual piece in collaboration with the painter Serge
Golwicht on the day of the private view (6/2/2009). It was extremely
well received by the public.

The Communauté Française issued Cédric a grant for the creation of a
minimalist piece that was to receive its first public performance on
the 19th of June 2009 at the Notre Dame de la Chapelle church as part
of the "Fetes de la Musique". This took place on the minimalist night,
during which prominent international artists such as Janek Schaeffer,
Christian Fennesz and Alva Noto also performed.

Cédric recently dusted off his Acid Kirk alter ego and released a new EP titled "Out of the Blew" in February 2010, co-produced by the labels WeMe and First Cask, the reviews of the record were incredibly high, which caused a serious revival of interest for that side of his work, bringing a lot of new bookings on the table and seeing Acid Kirk performed a lot that year on the national & international scenes, playing in main events in cities such as Den Haag (The Netherlands), Rome (Italy) or what could be seen as a consecration, a gig in the most world-famous organization of underground rave parties: Bangface (n°72) in the center of London (U.K.).

Then he worked with the artist Xavier Mary on an art installation called "Sky Rock" melting sculptures and experimental drone noise music, performing his music live for the opening and the closing of its first installment in Antwerp in April 2010. A second installment took place in Warsaw last April in the Zacheta Museum (the most important modern art museum of Poland) where Cédric performed once again for the opening of the exhibition.

In the meanwhile Drifting Bears Collective recorded their second LP, changing their name to "South Of No North" and welcoming a high profile new member in the band: Laurent Baudoux (aka Sun Papa) who released lots of incredible records under various pseudonyms (Scratch-Pet-Land, Fan Club Orchestra, Baleine 3000), mainly on Sonig (the famous Mouse on Mars imprint). This new album is called "Octopussies Liquor Store" and will be released in the months to come by the Brussels based label "Humpty Dumpty".

Cédric is now back working on his drone experiments and will focus on this side of his work for the next period of time. A compilation/anthology of his most relevant works released under his 'Syncopated Elevators Legacy' pseudonym is going to be released on the new but highly promising London based label 'Discrepant' who s already active since a couple of years through the diffusion of high quality podcasts presenting exclusive material from Andy Moor (The Ex's guitarist) or 'Motion Sickness of Time Travel' to name a few. This album compiling the best SEL material will be released as: Cédric Stevens "The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (97-05)" with an other LP of remixes/re-interpretations of those tracks by Fennesz, My Cat Is An Alien, Sylvain Chauveau, Leyland Kirby, Burning Star Core & others to be confirmed. This 2x12" will be followed by an album composed of his two last creations: "Benares Crescent", a piece only made with recordings of the indian instrument called 'Tambura' for which he received fundings from the Belgian cultural department and that he already performed publicly on numerous occasions (les fetes de la musiques 2009 in the church 'Notre Dame de La Chapelle' alongside Alva Noto, Fennesz and others; festival experimental in Bozart 2010; Les ateliers Claus april 2010), & his latest work called "Riding the Core", a piece for 2 electric guitars & a simplified analog modular system composed of 2 VCOs, 1 VCF High-Pass & 1 Ring Modulator that he's beginning to perform live and will eventually present to different organisms for funding.