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A. Brehme

References: Sonata Forma. BXL

A. Brehme

Harnessing telluric currents that flow deep under a hypnotic pulse A. Brehme symbiotically combines his two long-standing passions of producing records and sculpting intense sets, which are grounded from the ambient, psychedelic and minimalist perspective of electronic music. Whether elaborating a savant strain of hypersensitive deep techno in his Brussels studio or displaying his ability to kick up a veil of dust from the floors of dark rooms with metrically repetitive mixes, he embodies a purist approach to sound where measured intensity is key to reaching a form of higher awareness. When experiencing a performance by A. Brehme, either as a resident at the thriving Technoon parties in Brussels or in an international context, the mind begins searching for loopholes within loops, seeking out a tear in a tightly knit ambient soundscape that is rendered tangible by lengthened hypnosis, thoughtful control, and the eventual loss of all spatial and temporal coordinates.