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Kozzmozz: Man Machine

Kozzmozz: Man Machine - Sat 23-04-16, Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

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On Planet K, man and machine are rhythmically linked to each other. Many humans on Planet K have bodies that are part organic and part synthetic. That’s why our robots have a deeper understanding of how we operate. They may serve humans but they're not our servants or our slaves. Thanks to their intelligence and independence, man and robot are alike in dignity. All K-inhabitants are wired and equipped with the most sophisticated high-tech software. Our super-sonic bodies help us in many ways and when our hearts start beating to the drums and we produce the music we all love, things really get started.

Nothing feels out of place, possibilities become endless.
Come, see, experience and hear The Man From Tomorrow.

If there’s one artist on Planet Earth who perfectly fits our world and philosophy, it is Jeff Mills! When he became available for a visit to Planet K, we gladly decided on an extra voyage to your blue marble.

For Jeff Mills techno has always been the music of the future. As he puts it: ‘It has no boundaries, no structure and it can go as fast as time does’. Themes as space travel, science fiction and technological evolutions, have been influencing him since his earliest days with the Underground Resistance crew and have remained an intrinsic part of his own Axis label and everything else he does to this day.

Come, see, experience and hear The Man from Tomorrow, doing what he does best, becoming a man with machines who will take you on a futuristic trip with endless possibilities…  And to do this in the most perfect conditions, he will be bringing you all a three hour set!

Mills will be joined on this extra special space flight by Head Front Panel. Beginning with residencies in Liverpool from the age of fifteen, he built up a reputation for fast paced mixing and an affinity for hardware. We can’t wait to hear him work those machines and join him for the flight.

More man and machine action will come from our regular space commanders in the form of Spacid as well as Kr!z. They will guide you into orbit for a touch-down on Planet K. Be ready to become one with their beats and fly to intergalactic space dimensions.


Kunstencentrum Viernulvier

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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