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K-otec developed an interest in (classical) music at an early age, learning to play different instruments at the conservatorium. As he got older, his taste in music gradually shifted to other styles. As a result, he became more and more interested in playing music, and soon started dj’ing in his hometown Bruges.

From local pubs and playing mainstream music, he was asked to play at a local radio station where he really caught on to the progressive, Tek House and techno sounds.

In 2001 he played his very first techno party "Techno Deluxe" and a year later he joined the team of the infamous Footworxx parties, a highly successful techno event, where he helped behind the scene. He played amongst many highly acclaimed international and national dj’s until 2005, when he left the resident team. In that same period K-otec joined "Los Marginales", a group of young fellows with a similar vision, where he has a residency.

Around the same time, he created "Urbi et Orbi" with Rebugz. They bring music of many styles but Minimal is their connection. Taking this different musical path, K-otec has taken residencies at the Leuven based (Silo) Minimalicious and Forbidden Fruit events where he performs as Orbi.