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Mister Ries

Mister Ries

Mister Ries is taking Ghetto Tech music to the Dutch crowd. Growing up in and around Rotterdam got him in contact with various styles of music like techno, drum ‘n bass, electro, breakbeat and hip hop. Which drove him to start DJ’ing and making music.

When he discovered Ghetto Tech, he felt it was the true mixture of all the styles he liked and grew up with. Impressed and inspired by the mixing style, he switched to battle style mixing. Scratching, blending and tricking his way through his record crates.

As a producer, Ries makes stripped down, bass pumping club tracks. He had his debut EP put out on Databass Records, the most renowned Ghetto Tech label out of Detroit, USA. Together with a couple of DJ/Producers from Europe he started 4 Player Records, a platform to release their own tracks.

Next to his solo productions he also is producing tracks with some of the hottest Detroit vocalists, Coon Daddy, DJ Omega and Six Foe.