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Mike Dehnert

References: Clone Basement Series, Fachwerk Rec, Berlin

Mike Dehnert

Born in Berlin, Germany, Mike Dehnert began his first search outings in Berlin's record stores in 1999. Inspired by the Berlin club scene he organized his first techno parties in 2000 and gradually he collected more production equipment in order to develop his own sound. Starting in 2000 he released his first compositions (he was 18 years old) under the pseudonym Panico, MuMuBoy, MuMuPower; DJ larsics; and also remixes under the name Artnoisermx.

From 2004 to 2006, Mike lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand and New York City, gathering experience in live PA performance. In the beginning of 2007 he released the first tracks using his real name Mike Dehnert and at the same time founded his own label "the awesome" Fachwerk Records.

With the May 2007 re-opening of Tresor Club in Berlin, Mike Dehnert found himself a member of the Tresor Resident team and now spreads the mission of his unique sounding, banging live pa or dj sets all over the world.

Now, he is also a new member of the Clone Records Artists where he works on some new releases, his 1st strike was a record in co-operation by another red hot artist, Levon Vincent.